Stockport Walking & Outdoor Group

Problems receiving emails from the group email account?

First of all - have you paid/renewed your membership? Group emails are only sent to members.
1. Check your Spam or Junk Mail folder.
    If you have emails from the group there, highlight or open them and mark them as "Not Spam" to return them to the Inbox
2. Check your Filters - this will probably be via Options or Settings.
    Open any filters and make sure that you have not inadvertently set messages from the group to be deleted/diverted to a folder.

3. Check any Spam/Junk Mail management settings - this may be separate from the normal filters, check your Options or Settings.
    Again make sure that messages from the group have not been set to Spam/Junk Mail
4. Check Blocked Contacts - probably in Options or Settings to make sure that the group email has not been added to the list. This may be separate from the Spam/Junk Mail filters
    If so, remove the address from the Blocked List
5. Add the group email address to your Address Book/Contact List.
    This should ensure that your email recognises us as being friendly
    Then send a test message to the group email (this extra step did the trick for 2 googlemail accounts)

6. If you are using Outlook Express or Windows Mail there may be something in the settings blocking the emails. 

7. If these all fail, ask a committee member if they have any other ideas!

Finally, some email providers seem to accept the "Not Spam" instruction for a while, then take a dislike to an email address (even when saved as a contact). This seems to happen even to some legitimate emails from banks, BT, etc. The Spam filters can be a bit over-zealous sometimes!

Everyone taking part in Group activities does so at their own risk. Please read our accountability and risks statement in full.

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