Stockport Walking & Outdoor Group

Sharing transport costs

Members have asked the club for guidance on the appropriate level of contribution when offering or accepting a lift to Sunday walks. 

We have been advised by an Insurance company representative that we shouldn't imply any required sum as that could be regarded as a fare, and have insurance implications.
However we can offer advice, provided:-
a) it's clear that the arrangement is completely voluntary, and a private matter between the driver/owner and passengers; and
b) the total figure contributed is a realistic reflection of the cost of the journey; i.e. not excessive or generating a meaningful profit.
So, on that basis:-
Previous figures from the AA website showed that the approximate running costs (fuel, tyres, servicing, spares) for a car of up to 2000cc are between 20.5p and 23p per mile.
a) These figures don't include standing costs such as tax, insurance, depreciation etc., or such costs which the owner would be paying anyway.

We suggest that these figures could be used as a basis to calculate a fair share of costs between those travelling in the vehicle.
Vehicle owners may wish to consult the website for themselves

Everyone taking part in Group activities does so at their own risk.
        • The Group will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss occurring as a result of any Group event or in connection with travel to such event, however caused. 
        • Members attending are reminded that outdoor activities frequently need specialist equipment (boots, waterproofs, etc) and the group does not provide these. 
        • Should you attend an event and, in the opinion of the leader, pose a risk to the safety of yourself or the group, then you will be politely turned away. (For example: being ill-equipped for the terrain and weather conditions)
        • Please contact the leader in advance if you are unsure what will be appropriate for the event. 
        • Accompanied children under 18 are welcome but please check with the walk leader beforehand to ensure that the terrain and distance are suitable.
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