Stockport Walking & Outdoor Group

Weekend Booking Rules and Cancellation Policy

Hostel Trips organised by the Group are open to Group members only.

There are three reasons for this
  • for insurance purposes
  • the group takes a financial risk when booking weekends, so it is unreasonable for non-members to expect to be able to take advantage.
  • if places are limited it is unfair if a member cannot join the weekend because places have gone to non-members
It is important therefore that anyone organising a weekend to check that everyone going has paid their current membership fee. You can check by sending an email to the group or asking the Membership Secretary. If a non-member wishes to join a weekend then the price will be increased by the group annual membership fee and they will be asked to complete a membership form.


To secure a place on a Hostel trip, you will need to let the leader have the appropriate deposit when booking.

If you subsequently cancel, the deposit or full payment will only be refundable if the Group can recover it from the Hostel under their booking conditions.

The leader will tell you by what date the balance needs to be paid. This date will need to allow enough time for a cheque to be obtained from the Treasurer and sent to the hostel in line with their booking conditions.

It is your responsibility to ensure the leader receives the balance payment (or notice of cancellation) in sufficient time.

If payment is not received in time then your place may have to be cancelled (with loss of deposit as outlined above) otherwise the Hostel may have the right to claim further sums, up to full payment. For information, the YHA usually require final payment for Group bookings not less than eight weeks before the visit, but this may vary in the case of “Rent-a-Hostel”, or an Independent Hostel.

If you are booking late (i.e. after the final payment date as outlined above) then the leader will require full payment with the booking.

If you are unable to attend the trip after final payment has been made, then the leader may be able to find another member to fill your place. If this is not possible, then the Group will advise you how to apply for a refund from the Hostel. NB – In the case of “Rent-a-Hostel” trips, a refund will only be made if this does not result in a loss to the Group.

The YHA refund policy and form is available from their website. Independent Hostels will have their own rules.

Everyone taking part in Group activities does so at their own risk. Please read our accountability and risks statement in full.

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