Stockport Walking & Outdoor Group

A short history

In 1935 the Cheshire & Derbyshire subregion of the YHA (Youth Hostels Association) was formed.
In 1955 several local YHA groups were formed from this, including Stockport YHA. 
At some point it was reported that only one (Stockport) was still going although others were about to reform (and some of those are still active).

In 2007, the YHA local groups ceased to exist and most of the groups changed their name to exclude "YHA", although many including ourselves remain as an Affiliated group of the YHA. 

We then became Stockport Walking and Outdoor Group which has inevitably become known as SWOG.

In 2015 the group celebrated a 60th anniversary, although it has existed for 80 years in various forms

Everyone taking part in Group activities does so at their own risk. Please read our accountability statement in full in the Membership section

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