Stockport Walking & Outdoor Group

Privacy Policy of Stockport Walking and Outdoor Group

  1. The group will collect and maintain a limited amount of data from members. Data collected will be limited to only that which is necessary to maintain the efficient working of the group. To this end, the following data will be collected: Full name; Address; Telephone Numbers (Land line and/or mobile); Email Address; Year of joining group; Date of Birth for under 18's.
  2. Member data will be collected in the form of hard copy, as signed Membership Forms, and kept securely by the Membership Secretary.
  3. Some of the data on the Membership Form is transferred to a password-protected spreadsheet held by the Membership Secretary. This information is used annually to review membership renewals, and periodically to obtain aggregated statistical membership data. These data are used to monitor group size & composition, and may be required for the purchase of group Insurance and when applying for grant funding to assist with ongoing group costs.
  4. The group will communicate with members by email. The Membership Secretary will provide the group’s Email Coordinator with member email addresses and the Email Coordinator will send all emails from the group with member addresses hidden from other recipients, by BCC or other technical means.
  5. Members shall be responsible for informing the Membership Secretary of any change in their details. Members will be provided with a copy of their Membership Form held by the group, upon request.
  6. The Membership Secretary and E-mail Coordinator will never pass member data to any person or organisation outside the group. In certain circumstances, member contact details may be passed to other members for the purpose of conducting legitimate club activities or in an emergency. Members may also agree to publish their details by promoting a specific event or role on the group’s printed events programme, website or other material. 
  7. In the event that a membership lapses, the Membership Secretary shall keep that member’s data for a further 6 months before that member’s data is securely deleted and destroyed.The E-mail Coordinator will remove the member's email from their distribution list.
  8. Members consent to their personal data being maintained in accordance with this Privacy Policy by signing their consent on the Membership Form. 
  9. Members have the right to withhold their data but this may mean that the group will not be able to communicate with them.
  10. The group believes that that this Privacy Policy fulfills their obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 2018.

    Version 1.0 published 13th March 2018

Everyone taking part in Group activities does so at their own risk. Please read our accountability and risks statement in full.

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